Beware of pricing scams when buying salon software

When buying salon software you need to be very careful to ask what you get for the price level. Many software price based on inflexible feature charts, assuming they know what features your software needs or doesn't. Just because you only have a small salon with 2 or 3 staff doesn't mean you don't want to do payroll, store client photos or email client receipts for example.

With You'reOnTime every feature is included no matter what edition you are using, you decide what you need or don't. That includes online bookings, mobile versions and SMS reminders.

Another thing to be aware of is email or SMS costs. An email costs about $0.0002 to send, that is much less than one cent each. If you are being charged for them that is a sign to beware of that company. Conversely you need to be wary of SMS that are too cheap, it is a sign they may be using a unofficial network to send messages which results in low deliverability. For example in Australia Telstra charges SMS gateways 12 cents to send a message, so if you are paying considerably less your messages are probably originating from another country and SMS bounces will be common.